Andrea Donadić

Andrea Donadić

Born in Rijeka on February 25, 1991. After finishing the Medical High School, she continues the education in quite another direction and enrolls in the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka, course IT Business. She has gained her work experience in marketing and promotion which she continues to develop in sales and service promotion.

As a young person looking for new business ventures, she joined the team by the end of 2018. As Junior Consultant she performs the tasks of preparing and applying project applications, their implementation and administrative monitoring, and also preparation of documentation for the implementation of public procurement procedures.

She speaks fluent English, German a little bit, while she can easily agree with the Spaniards. In free time loves to hang out with friends, walk in nature with her dog and help abandoned animals. From time to time, she likes to treat herself with travelling. She would describe herself as a cheerful and honest person who is always ready to help, while at work hard-working and diligent. Her motto is: "What I don`t know I will learn, what I learn I will apply ".


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