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Our vision is to provide a high quality service to our clients, using a professional approach, experience and team work, resulting in successfully achieving their business objectives. Although we provide a wide spectrum of services, our field of work could generally be categorized into four main areas: EU funding, business consulting, financial services and education.

EU Funding

  • Assistance in shaping and preparing your ideas
  • Gathering and processing information on active bids and proposals
  • Notifying all clients about open applications for EU funds and national funds
  • Counselling clients through the preparatory phase of project planning
  • Preparing the complete paperwork for application in accordance with the EU requirements and rules for non-refundable European programs
  • Preparing the complete paperwork for application in accordance with the Croatian requirements and rules for non-refundable national programs
  • Project Management – providing services of a Project Manager in accordance with the EU and Croatian standards (organization, management, participant coordination and preparation of reports for competent authorities)
  • Public Procurement – providing services of document preparation and public procurement in accordance with Croatian and/or EU standards
  • Marketing Strategy – developing and creating a long term marketing strategy for your company with the purpose of fulfilling goals

Business Consulting

  • Consulting services on preparing and writing business plans
  • Consulting services on preparing and writing investment studies
  • Developing and implementing business strategies
  • Investment feasibility studies
  • Due diligence
  • Drafting and consulting business development projects and studies
  • Drafting projects and studies for the economy
  • Coordinating entrepreneurial activities with institutional and financial support

Financial Services

  • Financial Accounting Reports
  • Establishing Records Management and Document Control
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Accounting and employment contract records
  • Advising on Annual Tax Returns
  • Advising and guiding entrepreneurs with the goal of reaching optimal solutions
  • Planning and analytics
  • Internet banking services (paying bills, payrolls, contributions, etc.)


  • Conducting individual and group seminars on topics related to EU funds
  • Preparing entrepreneurs for incorporating EU standards and normatives
  • Educating entrepreneurs on how to create investment studies and business plans
  • Developing business ideas

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