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Welcome, we are Jelić Consulting

We are a company specialized for providing business consulting services on strategic, organizational and financial management for the private and the public sector. We offer high quality services in accordance with top standards and cooperation based on professionalism and mutual trust, resulting in success and client satisfaction.

The variety of our services also includes accounting, creating financial accounting reports as well as conducting individual seminars and educational programs on EU funds.

Our workflow

  • Idea and planning
  • Start and execution
  • Finishing and monitoring
More about us

Our interesting stats

Sometimes numbers tell a better story. Our numbers are something to behold. In over 5 years of providing our services, we have had the pleasure of working with more that 200 satisfied clients and partners, on over 100 projects. The total estimated value of those projects exceeds 700 million kuna. These numbers are the foundation of our current status as one of the most successful consulting houses in Croatia.

Projects completed
Happy clients
Million kuna

What we do

Our vision is to provide a high quality service to our clients, using a professional approach, experience and team work, resulting in successfully achieving their business objectives. Although we provide a wide spectrum of services, our field of work could generally be categorized into four main areas: EU funding, business consulting, financial services and education.

EU Funding

  • Assistance in shaping and preparing your ideas
  • Gathering and processing information on active bids and proposals
  • Notifying all clients about open applications for EU funds and national funds
  • Counselling clients through the preparatory phase of project planning
  • Preparing the complete paperwork for application in accordance with the EU requirements and rules for non-refundable European programs
  • Preparing the complete paperwork for application in accordance with the Croatian requirements and rules for non-refundable national programs
  • Project Management – providing services of a Project Manager in accordance with the EU and Croatian standards (organization, management, participant coordination and preparation of reports for competent authorities)
  • Public Procurement – providing services of document preparation and public procurement in accordance with Croatian and/or EU standards
  • Marketing Strategy – developing and creating a long term marketing strategy for your company with the purpose of fulfilling goals

Business Consulting

  • Consulting services on preparing and writing business plans
  • Consulting services on preparing and writing investment studies
  • Developing and implementing business strategies
  • Investment feasibility studies
  • Due diligence
  • Drafting and consulting business development projects and studies
  • Drafting projects and studies for the economy
  • Coordinating entrepreneurial activities with institutional and financial support

Financial Services

  • Financial Accounting Reports
  • Establishing Records Management and Document Control
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Accounting and employment contract records
  • Advising on Annual Tax Returns
  • Advising and guiding entrepreneurs with the goal of reaching optimal solutions
  • Planning and analytics
  • Internet banking services (paying bills, payrolls, contributions, etc.)


  • Conducting individual and group seminars on topics related to EU funds
  • Preparing entrepreneurs for incorporating EU standards and normatives
  • Educating entrepreneurs on how to create investment studies and business plans
  • Developing business ideas

Our partners and clients

We are very proud to be able to provide our services to market leaders such as banks, telecom operators, tech and media companies and pharmaceuticals companies. Our knowledge and experience contributes to their growth and success.


Where to find us

Our offices are located in Rijeka, Frana Supila 12 (near Grand Hotel Bonavia), and in Zagreb, Nova Ves 11 (Kaptol Center).

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