Ljubomir Jelić

Ljubomir Jelić

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka, he obtained a master's degree in economics and has been developing his business career for over 15 years.

He started his business career as a Finance and Accounting Expert and a Business Intelligence Team Manager for all business processes within the company. Has a working experience in top management consulting, as a member of the R & D team in the field of renewable energy, and participates as a member of the restructuring team for Croatian shipbuilding industry as a tax-finance restructuring expert and strategic document developer.

He is an investor in a number of different projects in the chemical industry sector and since 2013 is the founder of the Jelić Consulting company which specializes in providing consulting services in almost all industries.

He has participated in a number of projects as a manager and consultant and also in several projects as an investor. In addition to business and financial consulting, he has earned the title of a permanent court expert for finance and accounting.

He is a part of the consultant group at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce where he holds lectures on tax consulting and the use of EU funds.


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Business Consulting
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