Maja Filipović

Maja Filipović

Graduated from Faculty of economics in 2006. with academic title Master of economics. In following years she successfully completed a specialist program in the field of public procurement. Her working experience started as an event manager. Her career continues to develop in the field of public procurement. She now obtains a function as the head of public procurement department.

Working as a senior consultant her job description includes coordinating public procurement department, preparing and conducting procurement process, acquiring new clients, participating in hiring process, education of employees and consulting in filed of public procurement.

"Nobody was born smart, everything can be learned" is a phrase she uses to motivate her colleagues. She takes care of mutual respect and positive work environment in the office. She is always willing to help and is at disposal to her colleagues. In her leisure time she is a recreational dancer who likes to use every opportunity to travel and spend time with people that are close to her.


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Public procurement
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