Project Bellestra LLC

Project details

Modernization and equipping of BELLESTRA LLC by investing in the digital and green transition

The project is an investment that will make Bellestra LLC and other Croatian SMEs more competitive on the domestic market of plastic products as well as on the EU market. The project contributes to innovation, modernization and optimization of the production process using digital and green technology, which will contribute to more efficient use of resources through reducing electricity consumption. The realization of the project will introduce 3 new innovations in the production cycle related to green and digital goals and horizontal digitalization of operations, revenues will increase by 25.84%, export revenues by 25.1%. Mentioned will be achieved by purchasing equipment and machinery, by employing 6 workers and conducting marketing activities.

Investment value: 4.115.003,28 kn

Development of this Web application was co-funded by the European Union, from the European Regional Development Fund. Read more about the project here.